A narrative on my time in the back country



A short nonfiction piece I wrote in the fall of 2016.


This is a piece I conducted with three peers that further explores the theme of touch. To begin this piece, I take a shot of tequila that simulates the condition I was in the night I was sexually assaulted. To oppose this condition, and abrasive form of touch, I engage with the person in front of me by connecting with him/her in different ways that I have been intimately touched.

Define ‘Poop Date’

I spent the summer of 2016 as a camp counselor in Vermont. I got my fair share of exploration in the immediate surrounding area. However, I can only remember that Camp Timberlake was somewhere between Woodstock, VT and Rutland, VT (aka RutVegas (I don’t know why)). Rutland wasn’t my favorite place but they had a…

The Drama Queen (A 12-part Coming of Age Story)

Notice: This is a compilation of work I created over the course of two weeks in April 2015 as a result of my parents’ absence from home. Home Alone Day #1 Entry #1: I’m quite enjoying the bachelor life. I have to consistently remind myself not to investigate the bumps in the night to refrain…

Touch (Luisa)

This is the first in a series called “Touch.” In “Touch,” I am driven to explore the fundamentals of intimate contact and connection. This series was inspired by touch therapy. The benefits of touch therapy translate to the development of children and similarly act as coping mechanisms for survivor’s of sexual assault. I hope you enjoy my project!