against reality

A poem on the abstractions involved with expectations.


One Whole Dollar, Two

A short fiction piece


A short nonfiction piece I wrote in the fall of 2016.


This is a piece I conducted with three peers that further explores the theme of touch. To begin this piece, I take a shot of tequila that simulates the condition I was in the night I was sexually assaulted. To oppose this condition, and abrasive form of touch, I engage with the person in front of me by connecting with him/her in different ways that I have been intimately touched.

Define ‘Poop Date’

I spent the summer of 2016 as a camp counselor in Vermont. I got my fair share of exploration in the immediate surrounding area. However, I can only remember that Camp Timberlake was somewhere between Woodstock, VT and Rutland, VT (aka RutVegas (I don’t know why)). Rutland wasn’t my favorite place but they had a…