One Whole Dollar, Two

In ages 10 and 13 the two brothers perched with their foreheads against the white-plastered brick wall. The only separation between the skin of the brothers and the sediment being a measly dollar bill: one presented to each of them by their babysitter for the promise, to them, of competition and, for her, an hour or two or three to do homework. Whoever holds the dollar bill against the wall with his forehead the longest gets to keep both dollar bills.

And so they each stood two whole body widths apart from each other, to ensure there would be no meddling, with their foreheads sinking into the wall and their respective dollar bills for a total of one hour and forty-two minutes. The elder of the two decided to terminate the meditative state his younger brother took on in the last hour by and the bored state he, the elder of the two, acquired by promising “I’ll give you a dollar if you stop.” And the game was over when the smaller of the two retreated from the wall.


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